About Us

Hi, I am Mark, I have been an Adventurer all of my life. It is something that pulls me to explore and see what is over the next mountain, underwater cavern or in the next small town.  I have been fortunate to be able to travel to foreign countries whether it be to fish, camp, motorcycle, off road, explore or just  live. In doing this it has brought me happiness and a wealth of knowledge.

Approximately 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Stomach cancer and fought it through chemo and Stem Cell Therapy and luckily am in remission. It is as a result of this I have decided to do what I love and that is Adventure. Gone are the 70 hour work weeks and unhappiness.

We have started the Company and began the quest. It is based in Los Angeles and Mexico, and we will offer you top notch service, proven vehicle and personal gear and eventually Adventure Travel. My promise to you is that we will be here for you! We will work hard to exceed your expectations and be constantly evolving.
Mark G.


Lonnie L

Lonnie L grew up fishing, camping, hunting and offroading. Happily married to Bunni,  they have two kids and are  instilling in them a love of the outdoors and conservation. If he is not relaxing near a fire with friends he is working on his Toyota 4Runner named “The Beast”.

Shamus P

Shamus P. is a US Marine who lives in South Dakota. He is an avid 4wheeler, camper and fisher and travels with his beautiful wife and adorable daughter. He is currently rebuilding and continually updating his 4th Gen 4Runner and is our resident Mechanical Expert due to doing it in the Marine Corps. “Adventure is out there, you just have to go out and find it.”

Jim F

Jim F. is a accomplished world Traveler who operates Authentic Moto Travels in Southern California. He leads dozens of travelers throughout North America and Europe yearly on motorcycle trips. Jim’s a published writer and storyteller sharing his wisdom and perspectives on world Adventure Travel.

James O

James O. is a Product Design Engineer and a San Diego native based in New Mexico. He is a World Traveler and our resident climbing expert. If he’s not writing, climbing or hiking, James can be found shooting or editing his next video.