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2 thoughts on “Roo, The Adventurer Dog”

  1. Well Mark, it seems we have a couple of paralals. too, I have not just one, but TWO Queenslands, although both are mixes. Jake is my male, and Jondy is the female. Both neutered, and are from same litter. We got them from the rescue at 10 weeks, and started their training almost immeadiately. Now at TEN years, they have gotten a bit slower at chasing rabbits, and Jake has epilepsy, so has a medication twice a day. Both are of the RED type, and show a LOT of the Dingo that was bred in in Australia.

  2. Blue Healer or Blue Heeler? Dang auto-correct!
    I had one when I had a small group of horses. They are THE BEST and my horses were always in line.

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