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HOBO Packets

Have you ever eaten Foil wrapped meals or those known as “Hobo Packets”? The options available to you are endless and allow you to prepare meals beforehand with chicken, fish, beef or vegetarian options. They allow you a quick, healthy and delicious meal that can be made beforehand.


Luckily it is a simple recipe. You take a piece of quality heavy-duty aluminum foil, place the food and spices in the center, add oil or butter and seal the package snug to that there is some room between the food and the foil. This allows it to basically steam cook like an oven by cooking it on the grill or into the fire. Be sure to use tongs or heavy gloves when handling it and check it often. Be sure to turn it so that it doesn’t burn on one side.You can also take a Hungry Man Dinner or chicken pot pie and used this. In time you will become quite proficient with this type of cooking and can find tons of recipes on the internet.

Please reply with some of your creations and recipes. This page is for ALL OF US to learn and remember the good times.

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