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Prepping for a disaster?

Prepping for a disaster? I want to discuss Emergency Dehydrated Food options. This is just smart sense to have ready in your house if necessary. I remember the Los Angeles Riots and the resulting chaos and madness that ensued.

You can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food but why would you? Hopefully this will help you become better prepared.

If a situation whether it be a natural disaster or a man made disaster happens it will be difficult, if not impossible to get to a store. For those of us that live in cities there will be an immediate run on these places and if the electricity is down how will they run their registers?

There are lots of options available for dehydrated foods. Meat, milk, eggs, dairy, vegetables, fruits as well as Gluten options. Some of them actually taste really good and have the necessary daily nutritional needs and will last up to 25 years and all you do is add hot water. This gives you peace of mind and prepares you for unseen circumstances.

These are easily ordered on the internet from companies such as The Wise Company, Mountain House, patriot Pantry, Cabela”s and others. Or you can find a place near you that sells these. If you live in Los Angeles we have Major Surplus in Gardena which is a treasure trove of Preparedness products.

With such meals such as Teriyaki and Rice, Pasta Alfredo, Savory Stroganoff, Potatoes and Chicken Pot Pie, Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini you will not get bored with your meal selections.

Please just be prepared. What do you have to lose.

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