How do you find other Like Minded Adventurers!

We all enjoy being out in the woods, the desert, the ocean, on a river or somewhere exciting to explore. Why else would we be on an Adventure Facebook page?

The question is how do we meet other people that want to do the things that you like. Today we will be discussing finding Adventure friends on Meetup. Luckily I have been able to find some nice friends and go on some great adventures as a result of people that I have met through this platform.

Meetup is a social platform that allows you to find events going on near you that is suited to your interests. Camping, Offroad, Hiking, Canoeing, fishing, Outdoors and Adventure and the list goes on and on. You just type in your interests and groups will pop up.

I currently belong to to a few groups and there are 409 events going on in my groups and 4,432 events near me. So there are always things going on. Check it out!

Would you guys be interested? I will have giveaways for free that will include a tent, hammocks, binoculars, camping gear and a lot of other items! More items are being donated . Please check out my page at Life Of An Adventurer to find the date and also to see what other items we have available. Please Like and Share!!

One thought on “How do you find other Like Minded Adventurers!

  1. Paul Espinoza says:

    I am also trying to find others to 4x with can you help?

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