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Roo, The Adventurer Dog

Thinking about getting an Adventure Dog? Look no further. Commonly referred to as a Australian Cattle Dog, Queensland Healer or Blue Healer this loyal and intelligent Dog adjusts well to all manners of outdoor activities.

They are a high energy breed that requires a lot of exercise and mental stimulation to keep them healthy and happy. Their happiest times are when they are out in the country running and checking out things.

Our dog, Roo, as he is known, was acquired at eight weeks and is approaching two years. He is extremely protective of my wife and myself and lets us know when someone or something that he doesn’t know is near us. This is a great thing to have when you are out camping in the middle of nowhere.

He is great with children and other dogs and he loves it when he knows we are going on a trip. Roo has incredible stamina and adjusts well to all types of climates. He does very well in the heat as long as he is well hydrated and being a double coated dog does well in adverse conditions but still needs to be monitored in the snow and cold. They are really not a water dog breed and Roo acts as such with his hesitancy to go in the water.

Training began immediately at 8 weeks and he picked it up very well due to his intelligence. Luckily, he knows who is the boss and is not one who controls the master. He wants to make us happy and knows just how far he can get away with things. The more time that you spend with your dog training him, the happier he will be and the less frustrated you will become.

Whether it be on a kayak, a boat, or in a vehicle I know that my life has dramatically been better with him. He is a kind and loyal dog and if you are thinking about this breed it cannot be beat. But you must have the ability to spend time with them and must be able to offer him LOTS of exercise or else they can become poorly trained and incredibly stubborn which leads to much frustration and regret.

Hoping you life the Life Of An Adventurer EVERYDAY!!

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  1. Well Mark, it seems we have a couple of paralals. too, I have not just one, but TWO Queenslands, although both are mixes. Jake is my male, and Jondy is the female. Both neutered, and are from same litter. We got them from the rescue at 10 weeks, and started their training almost immeadiately. Now at TEN years, they have gotten a bit slower at chasing rabbits, and Jake has epilepsy, so has a medication twice a day. Both are of the RED type, and show a LOT of the Dingo that was bred in in Australia.

  2. Blue Healer or Blue Heeler? Dang auto-correct!
    I had one when I had a small group of horses. They are THE BEST and my horses were always in line.

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