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Are people born with the Love of Adventure or is it something that grows within you? Ever since I remember I have wanted to see what is over the next hill. What draws us to this is something that is deep within us and is as necessary as breathing. Adventurism is a mindset that one can put themselves into that takes them to the next level in their lives through experiences they have done.

Adventure can be by vehicle, motorcycle, boat, foot, canoe or by your own imagination. It makes us want to take that one further step or one more paddle stroke. Adventures can be made by just going out there and doing something that you like. It can be found in the most crowded cities in the world or the most desolate deserts on Earth.

Try to always be thinking of new places to go, equipment to test, new techniques to learn and body conditioning. Take that yearly “Adventure” somewhere for peace of mind, to rediscover yourself and to learn. This will make you a better person, a better partner and a better parent.

We are fortunate to have State and National Parks within the United States that are within a few hours for all of us and allow us a location for tranquility and exploration. Take advantage of this!

It is true when they say that “The First Step is the Hardest”. Take it slow but do it. You will be tired and dirty but you will have just started your first steps as an Adventurer.

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Mark is an enthusiastic adventurer and founder of who believes that Life is not about the Journey it is about the Destination

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