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I saw another motorcycle fatality last week and wanted to write something up. I ask you to just read it and think about it. Please be respectful in regards to this.

Some of the best experiences of my life have been atop a motorcycle. Riding through Mexico, South and Central America, Europe and the United States has put a lot of miles under me. The freedom it allows you as well as the ability to get where 4 wheel drives cannot go. The ease of negotiating traffic as well as the great gas mileage is also a big plus but you must be careful and really think whether a motorcycle is right for you.

There is a saying that says “It is not IF a motorcyclist goes down but when”. This is so true. Almost every motorcyclist that I know has had an accident. Be aware of this and try to take precautions to minimize the severity of the accident,

Take an approved Safety Class. The Californian Highway Patrol has a very good one at a reasonable cost. I think that everyone should be required to attend this class. Countless lives would be saved.You may also be able to save some money on your car insurance.

Wear the proper clothing which includes heavy duty pants and jacket as well as boots. I know you look cool but Vans shoes, shorts and a T shirt just don’t cut it. I have seen countless accidents where injuries and deaths could have been minimized or even avoided with the proper clothing.

Wear a full face DOT Approved helmet. Spend a little more on a quality helmet because it is YOUR head we are talking about.

Make sure that your bike and tires are serviceable. Keep your bike in good shape and do the service on it when needed. There are a lot of UTUBE videos that will show you how to service your bike or ask a knowledgeable friend. Oil Change when required and keep your chain clean, lubed and tightened to manufactures specs.

Know your limitations and try to stay within them. Try not to show off and be a responsible driver. Watch out for the people in cars that cannot see you in a blind spot. Remember that other peoples lives are affected if you are hurt or killed. Your children, your wife and your family will be traumatized forever as well as the other Vehicles Driver. It truly is a ripple affect and it is not only you that is hurt.

Ride defensively and safely and I hope to see you out there on the roads or out on an Adventure. Life Of An Adventurer!


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