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Building a Bug Out Bag for when Shit Hits the Fan!!

Remember that Peace of Mind makes you able to endure challenges better! Today we will be talking about building a Bug Out Bag. It is not about “IF” it will happen but rather “WHEN”.

A Bug Out Bag or BOB is a portable kit that allows someone to survive for a minimum of 72 hours due to a disaster or personal choice. I have designed my bag so that I can walk into the woods and survive for a length of time. These are great to keep in the trunk of your vehicle if the need arises.

This does not have to be difficult to build and can be done over time. It can be somewhat expensive due to what you chose but you can shop around or scour the swapmeets, internet marketplaces or thrift stores.

Have a plan already worked out! Where will go you go and what will you do if something were to happen. Let you family and friends know about the BOB and how they can also be more prepared. Discuss it with them and make a plan.

I am going to list the contents of my BOB and I welcome peoples thoughts on what to add or to take out of it. Custom tailor it to your needs and what makes you more comfortable and prepared.

The first thing is your backpack. Find one that fits you correctly and is large enough to carry your items. Do not use it until you are sure it is big enough so you can return if needed. Get a quality bag that has wide shoulder straps and a padded waist belt. Walk and hike with it filled to get accustomed to it.

I get a lot of Military Gear because I know if has been tested and usually is of the best quality and you can usually find at good prices. I use a lot of backpacking gear made of titanium for durability and to keep down the weight but on the downside it is not cheap.

A sleeping bag and stuff sack.
Sleeping Pad
Backpackers Tent
Collapsible Water Bottle
Metal Water Canteen
Water Purification I prefer the LifeStraw and a Sawyer
6 Packages of Dehydrated Foods, MRE’s or build it yourself
3-1.5 Liter Bottles of Water
Eating Utensils – Knife, Spoon, Fork and Spatula
Swiss Army Knife with all the goodies
Survival Knife
Small Saw
Metal Cooking Set
Metal Cup
Portable Stove with Fuel
Small Cooking Grill
Matches, tinder and fire starter
Small First Aid Kit
Insect Repellent
Small Fishing kit
550 Cord
Duct tape
2 Large Garbage Bags
Ziplock Bags various sizes
Large Nails(6)
Military Snare
Firearm and Ammo
Emergency Radio with Hand Crank
2 LED Flashlights and spare Batteries
Camping Towel
Hygiene Products
Toilet paper

Clothing is up to you but remember to bring warm and waterproof.

What did I miss? What have you used that worked and what didn’t? Who watched the Movie Red Dawn? Luckily years later I had an interesting discussion with Patrick Swayze about the movie and the importance of planning.

Please start a discussion because this is an important topic. Remember to live the Life of an Adventurer.


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