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Is Adventure Motorcycle Riding in Mexico for you?

We have all heard the stories. It is dangerous to ride a motorcycle in Mexico? Well I will tell you from firsthand experience and what I have learned.

Riding motorcycles in itself comes with an inherent risk. From dangerous car drivers to one of a million other things that can screw your day up.

Firstly, when entering Mexico it is imperative that you have insurance. It is required and always have theft coverage for the full amount of your motorcycle. Contact the Mexican Insurance Store and tell them that Jim Foreman and Life Of An Adventurer recommended you. They will take care of you.

Some of the basic rules always apply but you must be more aware of what goes around you. Remember that here in the United States we have a fairly well laid out and planned series of road and freeways. Mexico is not always like that. Sometimes there are no markings and people don’t pay attention to stop signs. Be diligent and take nothing for granted. Make sure that the vehicles in front, to the side and behind you make complete stops before you continue.

Do not drink while riding a motorcycle. OK I have said the responsible thing! It slows your reaction time and be aware of those drinking around you. The true reality is we all do it but just don’t overdue it. The police are not always understandable.

Don’t ride at nite if you can help it. Animals come onto the roadways to seek shelter and they are not easily seen. Be aware of the dogs in the streets as you pass. They like to take a little bite of you and I have seen the injury first hand.

Mexico has beautiful and amazing places for motorcycles. Up and Down the Baja Peninsula is like nowhere else in the world. I fully recommend it but you must be careful and use your head. It is a life changing experience.

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Mark is an enthusiastic adventurer and founder of who believes that Life is not about the Journey it is about the Destination

One thought on “Is Adventure Motorcycle Riding in Mexico for you?

  1. William Kaliher says:

    Hey Mark: it’s been a few years but I read with your interest when you posted riding part of Mexico– I suggest you re-post those here along and along. Your posts reminded me of my own bike adventures down south—but what struck me most is you bunked with regular people on that ride—that is certainly how I did it long ago–but I fear too many of today’s Mexico riders don’t think about bunking with regular people—even if it means springing for supper for a family that is cheaper than hotels and you see so much more with the people—perhaps I should say—see so much deeper into the culture— love the website–bill

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